All of humanity is the family of God

- Prophet Muhammad

Messages of Support

Key members from the Muslim, Jewish and wider communities offer their inspirational messages of support for Missing Pages.

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

Rabbi Sacks"The theme of this year's Holocaust Memorial Day is 'Untold Stories'. I am therefore delighted that the 'Missing Pages' project will highlight the stories of Muslims who sheltered and saved Jews during the Second World War. As we commemorate the millions who suffered and died in the Holocaust, we will also remember those who risked their lives for the sake of others. He who saves one life, saves the world entire."

Ed Miliband MP

Leader of the Labour Party

Ed Miliband“The Exploring Islam Foundation does important work in raising awareness of Islam, and in fostering harmony and respect between the many communities and faiths of Britain. The Foundation’s work helps to inform us all about the beliefs, cultures and history of this great religion and its people – in the UK and all over the world. It challenges misconceptions about Islam; it highlights the diverse contributions of Muslims to our world; and it brings people of various backgrounds together in this country in solidarity and understanding. That is vital if we are to build bridges between faiths and communities in Britain and around the world. I am particularly excited about the prospect for the Missing Pages initiative. Launching on Holocaust Memorial Day, this new campaign focuses on the many positive and peaceful interactions between Jews and Muslims throughout history. We all know about the challenges we face in our time – those are widely reported and well-known. But those great challenges are not intractable if we focus on what unites us in this world, rather than what divides us. By highlighting what we as people have in common, what we share and how humanity can come together to do good and to build progress, we can build a more peaceful, more hopeful world for our children.

I congratulate the Exploring Islam Foundation for their vital work, and I wish them every success in their new Missing Pages campaign.”

Kristiane Backer

TV presenter & Global Ambassador of Exploring Islam Foundation

Kristiane Backer“The Missing Pages campaign bears an essential and universal message. As human beings we are asked to promote what is good and prevent what is evil – no matter what our colour or creed. May these extraordinary examples of courage, sacrifice and compassion at great personal risk inspire us today and in the future.”

Alex Dwek

Chair of the Union of Jewish Students

UJS“The Holocaust was a period of darkness in history that scars the whole of humanity, not only its Jewish victims. This is why the Exploring Islam Foundation’s Missing Pages Campaign is a needed and essential one.

The act of remembering the Holocaust is the responsibility of all people, regardless of faith, background or religion. The act of remembrance must serve as a reminder to all about the perils of evil and the danger of creating division. We welcome the Exploring Islam Foundation's campaign as proof of the potential for coexistence, and how the values of respect, toleration and understanding can be enshrined in modern society. We welcome the Exploring Islam Foundation's campaign as proof of the potential for coexistence, and how the values of respect, toleration and understanding can be enshrined in modern society.”

David Miliband MP

Former British Foreign Secretary

Rabia Malik“It is more important than ever to foster respect among divisions of religion. The tools are increasingly available to do this, but so are they available to those who preach hatred. I applaud the work of the EIF. The drive to learn from the history of peace and cooperation between Jews and Muslims is inspiring and welcome.”

Karen Pollock

Chief Executive of Holocaust Educational Trust

Pollok"The Holocaust was a defining episode in history and it is incumbent upon us all to understand what took place, both for its own sake and to see where prejudice and hatred can ultimately lead. We welcome the efforts of the Exploring Islam Foundation to spread greater awareness of the Holocaust through their ‘Missing Pages’ initiative and to highlight stories of loss and bravery during that dark time.”

Julie Siddiqi

Executive Director of the Islamic Society of Britain

Coexist Foundation"The ISB congratulates the Exploring Islam Foundation on this promising and much needed venture. We are citizens of a privileged nation but we cannot and must not remove ourselves from the fundamental importance of great injustices of the past. The better way forward is not through messages of suspicion and hate, but to carry the painful lessons of history with us, and to hold onto the rope of hope that our ancestral faith provides. It is these unknown missing pages of history, through unearthing them and bringing them to life, that we can bring hope to people, especially young people.”

Dr Rabia Malik

Chair of the City Circle

Rabia Malik"The Exploring Islam Foundation is raising vital awareness about Islam as a religion of peace and coexistence at a time where there is much misrepresentation and misunderstanding of Islam. The Missing Pages campaign provides an inspiring historical example of the spirit of humanity, the injunction to stand up for the oppressed and persecuted irrespective of race or faith, which is in the spirit of all religions. It demonstrates the cooperation, coexistence and acts of bravery and love that are possible between people of all faiths and that is much needed in our world today.”

Shaykh Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

Founder and Leader of Minhaj-ul-Quran International

Abdul Hakim Murad"Jews and Muslims share a common heritage as Abrahamic religions, and history bears witness to the long record of peaceful coexistence and cooperation between adherents of these two religions, which at certain times, such as in medieval Spain, made a positive and lasting impact on the world. I, along with the worldwide members of Minhaj-ul-Qur’an International, wholeheartedly endorse this valuable initiative on the part of Exploring Islam Foundation to rediscover the close links between these two communities, and help to foster better relations between them in the future, something which is an urgent and essential need of our time. I congratulate the Exploring Islam Foundation for embarking upon this project, and I pray for their success.”

Abdal Hakim Murad

Chair of the Anglo-Muslim Fellowship for Eastern Europe

Abdul Hakim Murad"The role of Muslims in protecting Jews during the Second World War is certainly one of history's forgotten stories. The Exploring Islam Foundation is to be saluted for its contribution to the holy act of remembrance." The Exploring Islam Foundation is to be saluted for its contribution to the holy act of remembrance.

Professor Nasser David Khalili KCSS KCFO

Chairman of the Maimonides Foundation

Nasser Khalili“Since 1995 The Maimonides Foundation has fostered understanding and co-operation between Jews, Christians, and Muslims through cultural, academic, and sporting programmes. The foundation is committed to creating opportunities where these communities can meet and interact, because we believe that dialogue is the only positive means of living in harmony in a multi-religious and multi-cultural society. I offer my support to Missing Pages and hope that this project which aims to further improve relations between Jews and Muslims and helps to alter misconceptions will be a success. I offer my support to Missing Pages and hope that this project which aims to further improve relations between Jews and Muslims and helps to alter misconceptions will be a success. As I often say, there is far more that unites the three religions than divides them. With my best wishes for a successful campaign!”

Nabil Ahmed

President of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies

FOSIS"We learn so much today from those Muslims who risked their lives in fulfilling a human responsibility to protect their Jewish sisters and brothers. I am inspired by the message of the Missing Pages campaign, which relates the Islamic ethos of mercy, compassion and coexistence. I hope that students across the UK will join me in paying tribute to those heroes and I pray that together we can acknowledge the sense of brotherhood between our faith communities.”

District Judge Marilyn Mornington

Judge Mornington“Exploring Islam Foundation is to be congratulated for its innovative and timely Missing Pages campaign to educate all our UK communities on the long history of peaceful and fruitful coexistence of Muslim and Jewish peoples; and the value and necessity for all to honour, respect and participate in Holocaust Memorial Day.”

Sarah Joseph OBE

Editor & CEO of emel Magazine

Sarah Joseph“Gandhi said, ‘You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.’ Despite there being difficulties born of the Israel/Palestine situation, we must not lose faith in the goodness of human beings, and their capacity to ultimately triumph over darkness. The Missing Pages project, focusing as it does on the positive shared history of Jews and Muslims, reminds us that these two communities – cousins by their shared faith in Abraham – have far more in common than divides them. The project allows us to see that coexistence, harmony and humanity have existed between us within our history, and can give us hope for the future.”

Samuel Klein

Director of the Coexistence Trust

Coexist Foundation"Little is known about the role of courageous Muslims who stood up against hatred and injustice, protecting Jews during the Holocaust in countries such as Morocco, Turkey, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the Jewish population was almost exterminated. In 2009, I was privileged to visit Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Ceric in Sarejevo who shared stories of how Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) played their part in protecting Jewish neighbours from the Nazi regime."

Rokhsana Fiaz OBE

Director of the Coexistence Trust

Coexist Foundation"The Missing Pages campaign is an important and exciting initiative, which brings to light an area of history which is often forgotten. It's important for us to remember how Muslims in the past protested against prejudice, and how we can show our continued solidarity by supporting Holocaust Memorial Day."

Stories of Coexistence

A Rabbi's Invitation

Rabbi Yitzhak Safati from Edirne – the Ottoman capital established in the fourteenth century –sent a letter to Jewish communities in Europe inviting them “to leave the torments they were enduring in Christendom and to seek safety and prosperity” with the Ottomans.