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Launch of Missing Pages

The campaign launched at the House of Lords with key members of faith organisations from the Muslim, Jewish and wider communities in attendance.

Launch day

Launch Photos


Launch at House of Lords. Click Here to view images. Photography by Javed Mohammed

The Missing Pages campaign launched on Monday 24th January 2011 at the House of Lords. Key dignitaries, ambassadors, journalists, and members from interfaith organisations attended to hear speeches by leading members of the Muslim and Jewish communities. The launch was chaired by Exploring Islam Foundation's Global Ambassador Kristiane Backer and hosted by Lord Patel of Blackburn. Speakers included:

Professor Nasser Khalili KSS, KCFO
Chair of Maimonides Foundation

Sarah Joseph OBE
Editor & CEO of emel Magazine

Dr Scarlett Epstein OBE
Jewish refugee saved by Albanians in WWII


Norman H Gershman
Founder of Eye Contact Foundation

Exclusive Screening

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besa film

Watch the feature documentary trailer “Besa: The Promise” - the untold story of the people of Albania who saved the lives of nearly two thousand Jews during World War II. Click Here

An exclusive trailer of the documentary "Besa: The Promise" based on Norman H Gershman's work was shown in the UK for the first time.

“Besa: The Promise” reveals the untold story of the people of Albania who saved the lives of nearly two thousand Jews during World War II. Witness accounts, personal photographs and archival film are intertwined through the verité journeys of two men: Norman H. Gershman, the American Jewish photographer determined to honour Albanians who defied the Nazis armed only with their honour code of besa; and Rexhep Hoxha, a Muslim-Albanian toy shop owner who must fulfil his father’s besa to the Jewish family his father sheltered sixty years before – by returning three precious books entrusted to him by the Jewish family.

With its powerful message of courage and unity, “Besa – The Promise” challenges the prevailing narrative of Jewish-Muslim relations by revealing an authentic yet almost unknown history of comity and mutual respect.Back to Top

Stories of Coexistence

The Caliph’s Jewish vizier

Hasdai, a pious Jewish scholar, became vizier to the tenth century Caliph Abd al Rahman III of Muslim Spain when the Umayyad caliphate was at its prime. Hasdai also became patron of religious scholarship in Hebrew, and promoted the confidence in the identity of Andalusian Jewish community.